Being A Soldier
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Definition of a Soldier

Twenty Top War and Soldier Songs

The Soldier
  • This is a poem by David Ferry. In the poem, he represents a soldier through a spider and tells you a story through it. He takes what a soldier feels and puts into a spider that this soldier sees. I feel that this is a great choice because many soldiers can't get out their emotions and in this poem, the soldier is allowed to express his feelings through this little spider.

The Hurt Locker
  • This video shows you clips from the movie, The Hurt Locker. I provided this clip because it shows a breif overview of the movie and gives you a quick look at what some soldiers have to deal with on a daily basis. If you have ever watched this movie, you will recieve one big wake up call because it really puts you in the line of fire, fear and frustration. You are right there with the soldiers and you see what difficulties they face everyday to keep us safe.

"How can I ever explain to anybody the isolation we were kept in? Everything got around, but the news was unreliable, unconfirmed. Even though it is happening right next to you, you don't believe it. And even if you do believe it, you cannot dwell on it, it would be the end of you. You believe it only if you yourself see it. Perhaps this deliberate blindness is a form of self-preservation."
Quote from S. A NOVEL ABOUT THE BALKANS (page 43)
  • I chose this paticular quote because it relates to war and how you never know the real truth. Soldier or prisoner, the news and information you hear sometimes doesn't always turn out the same way. It is true that you believe it when you see it and that things don't always turn out the way you had hoped. When you are a soldier, you may be told that you could be leaving for home soon but that news can turn in to a nightmare when you find out soon is another year away.

"In this place, death is not something remote or foreign. It is no longer an unexpected visitor, as it is in ordinary life. Death is a constant companion in their lives, like a reflection in the mirror, you cannot wish away because it is always there, waiting for you."
Quote from S. A NOVEL ABOUT THE BALKANS (page 38)
  • During war, a soldier is always faced with the chance of death. They risk their lives everyday, in order for us here to live our lives just like we have always. When you go to war, death is common and you see it more and you feel it more. As it says in the quote, death is not foreign like it is in ordinary life. You have to face it and soon it becomes just a normal thing. These reasons are why I chose this quote from the book, it relates to what it is like to be a soldier.

"She wonders what else she will have to give up and what is the minimum of things with which one can survive without losing the feelings that one is human?"
Quote from S. A NOVEL ABOUT THE BALKANS (page 47)
  • All a soldier carries is what he needs to survive and to protect himself. They leave their lives behind, to go to another country, to fight in a war that could last years, to face the risk of dying at any moment. On the outside you are not alone because you have your guns and your other soldiers but on the inside you are alone. You see death, you kill somebody, you see one of your fellow friends suffer and each time, you lose a part of yourself. War is not a pretty sight. It is easy to lose oneself.

"Little of their initial solidarity was left now. Like the others, S. had learned with time that to give is to go without yourself."
Quote from S. A NOVEL ABOUT THE BALKANS (page 50)
  • Soldiers give their life, their strength and their hearts to fight for what they believe is right. As you give and give, you must lose something in return. You start to lose yourself and who you thought you once were. When you come back home, you lose everything you once thought, you lose your memories, your laughter and your carelessness. Depending on what you see in the war and what you go through, you could be paranoid and always thinking something or someone is going to do harm to you.

Songs that relate to the book S. & Topic
Refugee by Tom Petty
In the End by Linkin Park
One by Metallica
Black Rain by Ozzy Osbourne

Where is your analysis of these songs?

Sunrise Over Fallujah Quotes
"Writing about war is a daunting task. There is the need to honor the brave men and women who have stepped up to defend our country. There is also the grim reality of what they will face. War is a difficult thing to talk about for those who are involved in it, and for them to explain to others. In the twenty years since Fallen Angels was published, many women have thanked me for helping them understand why their husbands were so reticent to speak about their wartime experiences, and I have had hundreds of letters from young people who, for the first, time, had some idea of what their fathers had gone through. These letters, and the quiet conversations in bookstores with people who had read the book a decade earlier, made me want to shoulder the responsibility of again writing about America at war.

What is the source of this quote? Who said it? What is your explanation of it?

Marine Sniper Quotes

"Stop and think about it. He had to be sighting his rifle right at me in order for my bullet to pass clean through his scope and get him in the eye like that."
"Why, then he almost had you!"
"Yeah, Burke when you get down to it, the only difference between me and him is I got to the trigger first"

  • I think the conversation between these to snipers in the book Marine Sniper by Charles Henderson is a very good example of the dangers that soldiers face everyday they are on duty.

Songs related to being a soldier

Citizen/Soldier by Three doors down
"Citizen Soldiers
holding the life of the ones that we guide from the dark of despair
standing on guard for the ones that we sheltered
We'll always be ready, because we'll always be there"

  • I think these songs lyrics show really well how much pressure there job has on them everyday because of how much they are responsible for.
M.I.A by Avenged Sevenfold
"It's no fun but I've been here before
I'm far from home and I'm fighting your war.
(Not the way I pictured this, I wanted better things)
Some are scared others killing for fun, I shot a mother right in front of her son.

Take this from my consciousness, and please erase my dreams)"
  • I don't think anyone can really understand what a Soldier goes through when at war. All the time you hear about all these horrible things that happen in a war but you never really have to see it. Soldiers fighting our wars have to see these horrible things all the time. I think this song starts to show what they see but one song could never fully explain it

Scream aim fire by Bullet For My Valentine
"Kill your enemies,
My brothers dead around me,
Wounds are hurting
Death is creeping for me,
Smoke is blinding
Hearts are pounding
Chaos soon ignites
The call is made
It's one for all
Will I meet thy maker"

  • I think these lyrics and the photos below portray the danger and deaths of friends and family members that a soldier faces all the time for a war that the government decided to start.

Slow Decay by Dashboard Confessional
"You look so strong in that picture on the mantle you sent your mom when you were gone
But you look scared now, hollow eyed
When are you coming
When are you coming back where you belong
I swear that it's safe here, there's nothing to fear at all
Come on back where you belong, the pressure releases if you just let down your guard"

  • Most of the other songs are showing what a soldier goes through well away, I think slow decay by dashboard confessional is a good song to show what a solider goes through just to adjust to life they use to know if they have been gone for a while.

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Where is your summary and analysis of this topic? How does your definition of what it means to be a soldier change when you take into account the different points of view shown through each of your books as well as the perspectives demonstrated through everything else you have added to this page?