My Soldier
**© By Kerri Caldwell**
Thinking back to the day that we met, a smile spreads wide on my face
Korea was in the back of our minds, we forgot you were leaving this place.

We walked through the trees all covered with lights, and a man took you by the hand
He thanked you for putting your life on the line, for the freedom he has in this land.

We both knew that this wouldnt be easy, you'd be far away feeling all alone
But I promised to be here waiting, with open arms the day you came home.

I think about the months ahead, how they will slowly drag along,
But the image of your smiling face, will be enough to keep me strong.

The day I said goodbye to you, nothing could have stopped my cries,
And to this day my heart skips a beat, remembering you wiped them from my eyes.

You said you didn't want to leave, you'd rather stay right here with me.
So I'll keep on wishing for the day, you step off that plane and you're free.

You've given me an amazing gift, I have unfailing faith and pride,
But nothing will compare to having you back, home where you belong, by my side.

I'm counting the days til I see you again, I look forward to every last letter,
When my soldier comes home and he's safe and sound, nothing could ever be better.

Its an everyday struggle we're fighting, but a struggle we'll fight till the end,
You're the person in this world I'm most proud of, my boyfriend, my hero, and my best friend.
Analysis of poem?

  • "He is gruff with her in front of the other men, and now he uses the familiar ti when speaking to her. His voice is deeper, as befits someone giving orders" -S. (p.20)
  • "The mailman waves at her. He still has his mailman uniform on, but now he has a pistol hanging from his belt." -S. (p.20)
  • "Now, however, she sees that for her war began the moment others started dividing and lebelling her, when nobody asked her anything anymore. If her father is a Muslim to them she is a Muslim as well, and can be nothing else." -S. (p.28)
  • "Her neighbor from the warehouse says they are good folk who have been forced into being guards, some of them are 'our people', as she puts it." -S. (p.39)
Analysis of quotes?

This article explains how it is important to have relationships with a variety of people during a war. The more relationships you have during a war can help to save lives of both soldiers and citizens. The value of relationships in war are more valuable than anything else. If you have strong relationships with people such as a foreign mayor, you have the ability to discuss issues, control the people, etc. Having a relationship's like this in the long run are also beneficial even after a war. ​

"I heard his fiancee got a letter
That told how Billy died that day
The letter said that he was a hero
She should be proud he died that way
I heard she threw that letter away"

Song: Paper Lace - "Billy, Don't Be a Hero"

This song represents Wartime Relationships because it talks about the relationship the man has with his wife during the war. When the man is away, his fiancee always tells him to come back and not go through what he's going through. His fiancee would rather him be home and getting ready to be married than fighting in a war. In the book, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" By: Jonathan Safran Foer, Oskar's mom tries to keep the relationship between her and Oskar strong after his father passed away. Source: http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/theadventuresofpriscillaqueenofthedesert/billydontbeahero.htm

Analysis of this article?

This explaination tells about how people change during a time of war and how it affects relationships. It says that when people are seperated they make new friends and obtain new interests. When you are re-united with that person you don't really have anything in common anymore, but they try to make things work. If they don't then the relatiponship does not work out.

This blog shows how relationships between loved ones can turn in completely different directions. This child notices how her father has changed due to the Vietnam war. He used to be funny and outgoing, but after becomes dull and distant. The child of these two loved ones says that they should have just had a divorce. Sometimes during times of war relationships end or survive. In this case the relationship ended emotionally.

How does this clip from Dear John connect to your topic? Explanation? Analysis?

This article relates to our topic by showing how soldiers treat innocent people on the opposite side. This article shows U.S soldiers raping a 14 year old Iraqi girl. It says that after they raped her they killed her and her family including a 5 year old child. This relationship between enemies shows that soldiers do not care about innocent people on the opposite side. This also happens in the book "S.".


This image shows how when children are seperated from their parents, the children stick together to survive. The take care of each other and sometimes join other children who are suffering the same fate. People become loyal to a certain extent. For example, in the book "S." the womens in the "women's room" stick together and help each other out when they are badly injuried or sick. Other women helped them out by bringing them food and different clothes so they stayed strong and clean as much as possible considering their condition.
Source: [[alexandermiddleedu:Exploration D|]]http://alexandermiddleedu.wikispaces.com/Exploration+D

Holocaust image

Holocaust image
This picture relates to my topic and book because the victim is against the soldier. The victim is risking his/her life to save his/her childs life. The relationship between the victim and soldier is a bad one. The soldier thinks that he is in control and can do what he wants with the victim since he/she is in a camp. In my book "S." the soldiers control the victims and make them feel weak and lifeless so that they are in control. If the victims felt strong they could probably override the soldiers at the camp.
Source: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/04/30/holocaust.jpg

external image Vietnam.jpg
This photo symbolizes war and and soldiers patrolling the dangerous countryside of vietnam. In the front above all the other soldiers a man is marching on that can symbolize Carlos Hathcock, who is somewhat of a leader of the men in his platoon.
Source: googleimages.com
Link directly to picture, please!

Loud and "Clear" view of Iraq War from U.S. Marine
Frank ScheckThu Mar 11, 2010 10:50pm EST

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Television journalists might have brought the Vietnam War into our living rooms, but it's the soldiers who are providing the same service these days.
"Severe Clear" arrives in theaters Friday on the heels of several previous Iraq War-themed documentaries comprising footage shot by combat veterans -- "The War Tapes" being the most notable example -- but that doesn't detract from this frequently gripping and highly personal depiction of one soldier's experiences.
Filmmaker Kristian Fraga has used extensive footage shot by U.S. Marine First Lt. Mike Scotti on a mini-DV camera. Adding greatly to the film's effect is the fact that the clearly ambitious Scotti wasn't simply filming for the hell of it but rather as preparation for a book he planned to write about Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thus, the frequently raw footage is accompanied not only by his off-the-cuff narration but also by extensive voice-over excerpts from the journal he was keeping throughout his deployment.
"Severe" also benefits from the fact that Scotti was there from the beginning. The film begins in 2003 with his 40-day voyage on the USS Boxer and his subsequent training on the Iraq-Kuwait border as he and his comrades waited for President Bush to order the invasion (which they considered a foregone conclusion). It then depicts the march into Baghdad and its eventual takeover by coalition forces.
Although the film's early section largely concentrates on comic horseplay among the soldiers, the proceedings inevitably turn much darker, with plenty of grisly footage documenting the bloody carnage that resulted. Thanks to the extensive narration, one also becomes intimately familiar with Scotti, who frequently refers to a female high school friend who was killed in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.
"Severe" is ultimately less notable for the by-now-familiar thematic points than for its visceral true-life portrait of the brutality and chaos of war. It offers a much-needed personal perspective on a subject that is too often reduced to political arguments.

This article talks about a documentary opening called "Severe Clear" that describes different aspects of the iraq war. It involves the brotherhood of soldiers, the gruesome violence of a war, and the overall dramatic experiences of war.

Full of violence
With the promise of glory
With the death of innocents
Comes the promise of victory

Once friends now enemies
With brutal attacks back firing
Slaughtered bodies all around
With no turning back.

So it a devil’s game
As he attacks
With nothing to lose
As nothing to gain
Just for the fun of slaughtering
With blood to bath in.

Smell of death in the air.
People so confound,
Betrayal all around
Nothing being mattered but
The survival of their own.

Fear upon fear,
feeding on each other

With a child so much as crying for its mother
Who now lie dead upon the deaths.
With families all scattered
Innocent lives in danger
War is no place for ……


This poem explains all the aspects of war from a dying soldier calling for his mother, to the families scattered in danger of their lives. It talks about nothing else mattering except the survival of their own which is the soldiers. In my opinion this relates to Carlos Hathcock since he is reckless and lives on the edge taking many risks as a sniper.


Why is this Dear John clip in here twice? And, where's your explanation of how it relates to your topic?

Where is your summary and analysis of this topic? How does your definition of what it means to be a soldier change when you take into account the different points of view shown through each of your books as well as the perspectives demonstrated through everything else you have added to this page?