NBC researchers asked 526 veterans from WW2 who experiencedwho experienced “heavy and frequent combat” to evaluate themselves on qualities such as leadership, loyalty, spontaneity and selflessness. 83 these soldiers either received a Bronze star or Silver star which which in my opinion makes a you a war hero. Many of these men rated theirselves higher for qualities like leadership, adventurousness and adaptability. Being loyal will lead a soldier to becoming a war hero. Also one of the soldiers explains how if you know your soldiers you more likely to do something heroic. For example if a hand grenade falls on the floor and leads you to do something other than if you didn’t know who these guys were and didn’t have a commitment to them,” You need committment to do good in war, its like any situation in life if you have no commitment your not going to suceed. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21725468/

Lyrics to Hero Of War :
He said, “Son,
Have you see the world?
Well, what would you say
If I said that you could?
Just carry this gun and you’ll even get paid.”
I said, “That sounds pretty good.”

Black leather boots
Spit-shined so bright
They cut off my hair but it looked alright
We marched and we sang
We all became friends
As we learned how to fight

A hero of war
Yeah that’s what I’ll be
And when I come home
They’ll be damn proud of me
I’ll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
Because it’s flag that I love
And a flag that I trust

I kicked in the door
I yelled my commands
The children, they cried
But I got my man
We took him away
A bag over his face
From his family and his friends

They took off his clothes
They pissed in his hands
I told them to stop
But then I joined in
We beat him with guns
And batons not just once
But again and again

A hero of war
Yeah that’s what I’ll be
And when I come home
They’ll be damn proud of me
I’ll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
Because it’s flag that I love
And a flag that I trust

She walked through bullets and haze
I asked her to stop
I begged her to stay
But she pressed on
So I lifted my gun
And I fired away

The shells jumped through the smoke
And into the sand
That the blood now had soaked
She collapsed with a flag in her hand
A flag white as snow

A hero of war
Is that what the see
Just medals and scars
So damn proud of me
And I brought home that flag
Now it gathers dust
But it’s a flag that I love
It’s the only flag I trust

He said, “Son, have you seen the world? Well what would you say, if I said that you could?”

In my eyes this song is talking about how good war sounds, but really its a terrible thing. I wouldn't wanna be known as a war hero who took someone from their family and friends and then beat him with guns and batons.

War Heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan

This video i believe represents even though solider go to war and protect and there nation or there religion, no one is a war hero when they kill or tear people away from there family's. In this movie there talking about the american army and how they travel long distance and in the beginning it's fine but as they get into the war it's not what he expected it to be. It tells about the bad things that go on in war even though it could be prevented. This song very much protests the war, and the fact that there is a war hero.

Hero of War. Rise against. DGC Records, 2009

In the movie forest Gump and man with no tensions in killing or saving anyone got up and want to war. i think the situation in the movie helps represent a war hero. Saving all his comrades one by one even though Dan and Baba were going to die soon. In addition of that he was scared while saving everyone and being told the place was getting napalmed, he still goes to the rescues that shows that he was is noble/courageous.

Forest Gump. Robert Zemeckis. Tom Hanks, Robin Wright Penn, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field. Paramount pictures, 1994.

In this movie is self explanatory why I choose it to symbolized as a "war hero" theme. These brave man in which at first don't realize why but they go war to "save private Ryan" he wasn't suppose to go to war because his brothers died in it so the group of army men went out to find him deep in the war zone.

Saving Private Ryan. Steven Spelberg. Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, Jeremy Davies, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg. North America, DreamWorks, Paramount pictures, International, 1998.

external image washington_dc_014_arlington_cemetery_headstones_rows_big.jpg

This is a picture of our fallen soldiers, men who are war heroes because they gave their lives for this country and what war right.

external image jesselanter.jpg

Sgt. Jesse Lanter represents a war hero because he's risking his life by carrying a injured soldier off the battlefield. I don't believe being a war hero means killing the most people or anything like that. I believe a war hero is someone who will risk their life just to make sure one of his soliders will survive. The picture above is the best example in my eyes that portrays a war hero.

external image paul_ray_smith.jpg
Sgt. First Class Pual R Smith

Where are the war heros?

"ONE soldier fought off scores of elite Iraqi troops in a fierce defense of his outnumbered Army unit, saving dozens of American lives before he himself was killed. Another soldier helped lead a team that killed 27 insurgents who had ambushed her convoy. And then there was the marine who, after being shot, managed to tuck an enemy grenade under his stomach to save the men in his unit, dying in the process. Their names are Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith, Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester and Sgt. Rafael Peralta."

Here is an example of a soldiers representing war heroism by sacrificing them self to save another human being. I believe this is a concept of being a war hero but I also think that almost all soldiers could be recognized for doing there good deeds out in Iraq but not for killing in my prospective.

Cave, Damien. "where are the war heros." The New York Times. March 12, 2010. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/07/weekinreview/07cave.html

Norway's Winter Olympic successes are rooted in commando Jan Baalsrud's story of endurance and survival.
"In early 1943, Baalsrud, three other commandos and a boat crew of eight Norwegians embarked on a dangerous mission to destroy a German air control tower and recruit for the resistance movement. This mission was compromised when he and his fellow soldiers accidentally made contact with an unaligned civilian shopkeeper who betrayed them to the Germans. The morning after their blunder, on March 29, their fishing boat The Brattholm — containing 8 tons of explosives intended to destroy the air control tower — was attacked by a German vessel and even their little escape boat was sunk by the Nazis.
Baalsrud was the only soldier to withstand the ice-cold arctic waters and, soaking wet, he escaped up into a snow gully, where he shot and killed the leading German Gestapo officer with his pistol. He evaded capture for roughly two months, suffering from frostbite and snow blindness. His deteriorating physical condition forced him to rely on the assistance of Norwegian patriots. He was then left on a high plateau on a stretcher in the snow for eighteen days due to weather and Nazi patrols in the town of Mandal, his life hanging by a thread. It was during this time, while he lay behind a snow wall, that Baalsrud amputated nine of his toes to stop the spread of gangrene to his feet. Over the next weeks, different groups of men tried to haul him to Sweden but were forced back — again forced to seek shelter in ice caves. He was then transported by stretcher to the Finnish border and put in the care of some Lapps Sami (the native tribe of the Scandinavian arctic) who, with reindeer, pulled him on a sled across all of Finland and into neutral Sweden, where he was safe at last."

Here is an example of a group of different people trying to save the life of one person as he tries to find safety after having his boat destroyed. This is a great story of a group of heroes risking there life's to save a great man's life. The people excelling in the winter hard conditions, using there sleds and skies achieved loyalty. This culture has the ability to come together and achieve greatness. This story inspired people to continue strong in the Olympics.

Zohn, Ethan. "war hero inspires olympic athletes." Tonic. March 12, 2010. http://www.tonic.com/article/jan-baalsrus-winter-olympics-norway-rescue/

“Then she stands on the shore and looks, the city is so pretty in early spring. The sunlight refracts against the yellow and orange facades of the buildings and their reflection shimmers on the water’s surface as if about to vanish any moment. Leaning on the railing of a bridge for a second, she is actually afraid that it is real. The breeze carries the smell of the sea, the air is crisp and clean. She breathes. She breathes and that moment she feels good.” ~S. page194
S. has been through so much pain and horror in the camp and the ‘women’s room’ and for her to come out of it and be happy shows her strength. Some people come out of war seeing half of what she has unable to return to their lives. She is a hero for surviving all of it and still trying to make the best of everything.

“Which story would be better for this child, the one the adoptive Swedish mother will tell him, or the one she, his mother, would tell him?” ~S. page 199
Instead of hating this child, conceived in the camp, which would be easy, she does a noble thing, taking it in and caring for it like it deserves. She is brave in doing this and letting war and camp touch her and change her life.

StarTribune.com talks about war hero Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor in the article “Navy seal jumps on grenade to save others”. http://www.startribune.com/nation/11611941.html
At home we praise people, like the N-line hero or Chesley Sullenberger III, who save lives, but we give men guns and send them away to kill people and call them heroes too. I think the true heroes in war are those people who act nobly and save lives or help people like Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor.

A war hero is a person who in the chaos and fear of war does the right thing. A war hero can be anyone, a soldier, a commander, or even a civilian. Not everyone who returns from war is a hero. Killing others doesn't make you honorable or noble. Those who act nobly in war, doing what is right for just that reason, that it's right, even if it may be hard or scary or dangerous, are war heroes.