Impact of war - Being in war can make you witness a lot of things you'd never think you'd see before. The impact of war gives you a new expression and look on life by seeing things in a new way. You witness things such as people dying, bloodshed, torcher, pain, kids being mistreated. You also have to learn to adapt to the new environment you're in be aware, cautious and know your surroundings or else your life could be in danger. Having the heart to kill another even if they are well deserving or mistreating their country is a big thing too. You're left with all the memories and flashbacks, the trauma and cries that will always come back.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, you can see a few scenes in the trailer for the movie posted below, and images that give you an idea of the things people who survive out of war live with as rememberance of their time there. This movie opens up with about a good half hour of battle and really gives you a good expierence outlook on some of the things that people in war witness and really opens your eyes up.

The movie Forrest Gump also give a good insight on how a mans life changed and became something he would have never expected. As a young boy he had a leg problem but became one of the fastest runners with them. He eventually wen to college to play football using his great ability but eventually got brought into war. From there he gained a lot of inspiration, strength and courage going through training. He used his ability as well to save his friends from being killed at that very time and witnessed the trauma like any other soldier would. He also became injured just as his lieutenant who's life completely changed when he lost both his legs completely and really appreciated being alive even though he wanted to die back in the war with his fallen soldiers. The trailer below gives a great over view from start to end of the life of Forrest and how his life was changed forever.

In the movie Full Metal Jacket, the beginning of the movie takes place in boot camp for the marine core. The clip below gives you an idea of the impact going through training leaves on the men involved. It is harsh treatment, and takes a lot to deal with it. It not only changes your attitude but makes you a stronger and better person.

Below here is a video of a song named Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die by Country Joe Macdonald, at the woodstock concert back in 1969. Country Joe MacDonald released it at the height of the war after he had been discharged from the US Navy for several years. He wrote it in about 30 minutes after it popped into his head, stated by "". This song expresses Country Joe's feelings on government from the impact of the war he had fought and how his perspective on war all leads to government messing things up and making us fight to fix their mistakes. I first heard this song when i visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time. Ever since, I always remember this song.

"Well come on all you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again. Got himself in a terrible jam, way down the yonders in Vietnam, so drop all your books and pick up a gun, we're gonna have a whole lotta fun, and it's 1,2,3 what are fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam, and it's 5,6,7 open up the pearly gates..well it aint no time to wonder why whoopie we're all gonna die." The starting lyrics of
the song by Country Joe

John Lennon
external image lennon-bed-in1.jpg.

John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance was a song that impacted lives. Recorded May 31st 1969 at the "Bed in For Peace" at the Queen Elizabeth's Hotel in Montreal. The Song quickly became the anti - war anthem for the Vietnam war protesters. In November 1969, a group of protesters marched to the White House where they all came together and sang John Lennon's Give peace a chance over and over to protest what was going on in Vietnam. John Lennon later said that all those people singing his lyrics was "one of the biggest moments of my life."

The Video link above is the trailer to the movie Schindler's List. The movie was made in 1993 by universal studios. The movie relates to our theme of the impact of war. It shows how much World War 2 impacted the lives of many Jewish and other types of people were treated due to the segregation of them from the German Soldiers. Their lives were changed when the German Soldiers raided their homes and killed them or took them to Concentration camps and then treated like animals. The jews were being killed randomly and for no reason. They were gassed, shot, tortured, and murdered. This also is related to my book Slaughter House - 5 because the was that Billy Pilgrim Fights in is taken place in Germany.

external image 1209705601_billy_joel_byn.jpg

Billy Joel's song Goodnight Saigon that was released in 1983, is a song that was written during the Vietnam war. Joel wrote the song about a City in Vietnam called Saigon. He also wrote this song as a tribute to his friends serving for the country. This song ment alot to people who lost something close to them and was a big hit. This tune is a very special one to Billy Joel. Occasionally, at times, Billy Joel would bring U.S. Vietnam Veterans on stage when performing live. The Major combet operation that took place in Saigon is similar to the one that happened in Dresden Germany in the book Slaughter House 5.

external image Buffalo+Springfield+buffalospringfield.jpg BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.

Buffalo Springfield's single "For what its worth" was a hit for anti-war activist. The song was written about a gathering of protesting anti-loitering. The song was written by Stephen Stills. This song is in many war movies. Including Forrest Gump when Forrest is over seas fighting in Vietnam.

From the book Marine Sniper, by Charles Henderson, the Impact of description this book gives off can really give you a set view of what war is like. This book is about a Marine Sniper by the name of Carlos Hathcock. He has been known for his shooting ability and skills, which has lead him to a great achievement of 93 confirmed kills. That number is huge for a sniper. Just at the age of 24 he had won the U.S. 1000 yard high power rifle championship. However though as a sniper, this book leaves a great impression on how war can affect you mentally and physically. Here are a few quotes directed right from the book that kind of give you that feeling.

"Hathcock's heart pounded too, sending the riflle scopes hairs rising and falling over his target." (p.37) This focuses on how you have to be concentrated and always right on your target, because if you miss, the situation could be life or death.

"The NVA leader lay dead at the feet of his company." (p.37) This gives off an image of having to deal and live with the looks of people dying and getting shot around you. You have to learn to accept then when you're at war, and those images and flashbacks stay with you forever.

"The boy somersaulted over the handle bars and crashed into the orange dust that covered the road.......The shaken lad grabbed the nearest automatic rifle and, with a quickness gained from many firefights, jammed a banana curved magazine into the weapon. Then he raised his gun. Just as he began to shoot, Carlos Hathcock dropped him dead." (p.2) From this quote directly in the book, only two pages in, it's really eye opening and gives an impact of how you have to have the heart to kill especially a younger kis like that because you can't take chances. You need to make the choice, hoping that it's the right one for both your's and your fellow soldiers protection and safety.