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War and Power

War: A state of usually open conflict between two sides.

Power:ability to act or produce an effect. possession of control, authority, or influence over others.

Wars may be fought in order to gain power or even to reduce the amount of power a ruler has over its nation. Power during war might include a forces destructive power or military power. In the book Slaughter House Five By: Kurt Vonnegut Power during war is demonstrated by the destructive force of the fire bombing of dresden, Germany.Wars have power over such things as peoples minds, body, spirit, and even communities. The war had an enormous effect on billies mind. Billy pilgrim claims he was abducted by aliens who live in the fourth dimension, this allows them to revisit past, present and future events. These claims suggest that billy may have become insane. It is unclear whether or not this is a result from his dramatic experiences in war or if it is a result of his plane accident of which he was one of only two survivors. The question remains
is Billy Pilgrim sane? This link is an essay that looks at the possibility of billy being insane and the impact war had on his mind.
During times of war the congress as well as the president have the power to preserve and protect the nation. This is called
"War Powers" . These powers are drawn right from the constitution. "Congress possesses the authority to "commence, continue, or conclude" a war ."
The president has the authority to conduct war when authorized by congress.Wars have the power to cause conflict not only with the opposing sides but within each country. A countries citizens may be totally against the war and protest against it.

A picture of a war protest from the top of the washington monument.

Quote from Marine Sniper by Charles Henderson " Now none of the frightened soldiers moved, for they saw the cowardice and valor purchased equal plots in the snipers killing field."

external image 1133204291_334274af7c.jpg

This is a picture of Carlos Hathcock, one of the greatest snipers in the marines. He had the ability to kill his enemy without them ever knowing what was going on. He was not seen and could kill with a single shot. Hathcock held his ememies life in his hands. Snipers hold a lot of power. They can kill you from long distances without being seen.

forum.nexon.net/.../ forums/post/4042105.aspx

The picture below is a picture of a US tank in the Vietnam war.
The United States had power in the Vietnam War because they had better technology and wepons than Vietnam did. The United States has a lot of power around the world because of its military supperiority. Vietnam is a poor country that doesn't have money to spend on all the latest technologies. That gives the US an edge over Vietnam.


external image vietnam_war_2.gif
external image 300px-Vietcong1968-768778.jpg
This is a picture of a Viet Cong soldier. The Viet Congs had power because they knew the land. They set booby traps and had tunnels underground to hide. The United States knew little about the terrian in Vietnam. The Viet Cong used that as an advantage to beat the US. They did not need the technology that the US had. They out-smarted the US and had a better strategy in the Vietnam War.


FACE TO FACE By Mick Terry
We had been in country nearly three days.
So far, Charlie had not yet been seen.
Our uniforms dripped with rancid sweat.
Our whole world was shades of tan and green.
Out on point, I led our squad through thick vines,
when there's suddenly one man ahead.
I don't know who was the more surprised,
but one of us would soon be dead.

Seconds ticked by, dragging to forever,
with his eyes completely locked to mine.
Instead of fear, curiosity,
with his head the slightest bit inclined.
Then my training fin'lly took me over,
M-16 spit bullets through his gills.
My sergeant slapped me upon my back,
congratulating my first kill.

FACE TO FACE, it's all right in this moment.
FACE TO FACE, it all adds up to now.
Just where our lives are leading from ecstasy to torment:

There's a battle raging in the forest.
There's a battle raging in my head.
A man lies dead in the jungle path,
all his clothing turning into red.
From his pocket falls a damaged photo
of him holding his young daughter close.
I've seen a lot of- fam'ly shots,
but this one haunts me more than most.


Thirty years pass: still I had that photo
'til I left it at the Viet Wall.
Thought maybe now I could find some peace.
Maybe that would be the end of it all.
But behind the scenes, there's something happ'ning:
items left there honored in a book.
Beyond my reach, out of my control,
I'm forced to take another look.

Is it just coincidence that leads us through our lives?
Is this all just happenstance or some divine- purpose?

Through a sequence I can barely fathom,
here I find myself again in 'Nam.
Bouquet in hand, I approach the home
of the girl I took her father from.
What does one say to someone that you've orphaned?
How does one ask someone to forgive?
With grace and warmth, she accepts me in:
a closure where her father lives.



Power during war can be portrayed in a number of ways. This page illustrates just a few as well as some thoughts found in books about war. War has power over the participants and victims of war. These people's minds are affected and is shown through a disorder which is called post traumatic stress disorder. Also war may be fought in order to gain power or to reduce power an oppressor may have over a country. Countries have destructive power which they use to decimate key areas of their opponents land in order to gain an advantage. All in all war has power over the people, places, and politics of countries and is demonstrated in many different ways. This page contains just a few examples of those factors.