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Wartime Relationships

War is a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between state or nations. Relationships are Connecting or binding participants in a relationship. What if you put those two together what is a wartime relationship?

Wartime Relationships are connecting or binding passionate attachment during an open hostile conflict involving armed soldiers and weapons. With war there are many different types of relationships. Many times you hear the word relationships you think about people dating, married or friends. Well that’s not the only thing relationships consist of. Yes they are relationships, they are the most common but there is so much more. With wartime relationships that covers a vast variety of types also. So let’s think about this for a little bit. You can form relationships everywhere when it comes to war. It could be between soldiers with soldiers, family members of soldiers with family members of another soldier. It could be the soldiers with the civilians of the place they are at. It can be the prisoners of war with their masters or other prisoners of war. When it comes to war there is no limit on who can form a relationship, but the question is what kind of relationship? When people think of relationships they only see the positive side of relationships. There is a negative side of relationships also. The relationship between the two countries fighting is a negative relationship. The guards have a negative relationship with the prisoners of war. The prisoners of war get beaten and raped by them. They just get humiliated every day by the guards, but people like to just brush over the bad relationships in war. They only want to see the good stuff. When something negative happens people just look the other way. To show an example, with dating you can have an amazing loving relationship or an abusive relationship, but you never really hear about the abusive one. You know its occurring but it is always hush hush. During war there is the negative side and the positive side you need to be open to both.
Watime relationships aren't always about the new relationships you make but also about the transformations your old relationships go through. If your a soldier in war a lot of times your life changes and so does everyone's around you weather they want it to or not. It's not something anyone can help it's just a lasting effect of war. The change isn't always a bad one but sometimes a good one, war can bring out different sides in people depending on how you deal with the things that come your way.

Private Peaceful

- "At training camp on Salisbury Plain, living cheek by jowl, we all got to know each other fast, though not necessarily to like one another-- that came later." pg 109
This quote is related to our topic because it shows how at first all the soldiers are strangers but by the end despite their differences they grow to like each other.

- I found myself involuntarily changing the words, changing Jesus into Charlie. I sang it to myself under my breath as we were marched away. "What a friend i have in Charlie." pg 121
This quote is related to our topic because in the book Tommo always thought of Charlie, his bother as his best friend and after being away together at war he had a new respect for Charlie. So much that he changes the words in a song about Jesus and puts Charlie’s name in it.

- "No sir," Charlie replies. "If one goes we all go. Isnt that right lads?" pg137
This quote is related to our topic because in the book Tommo always thought of Charlie, his bother as his best friend and after being away together at war he had a new respect for Charlie. So much that he changes the words in a song about Jesus and puts Charlie’s name in it.

- "It's like were living two separate lives in two separate worlds, Tommo, and I want to keep it that way. I never want the one to touch the other. I didn't want to bring horrible Hanley and whizzbangs back home, did I? And for me it's the same the other way around. Home's home. Here's here. It's difficult to exlplain, but little Tommo and Molly, Mother and Big Joe, they don't belong in this hell hole of a place, do they? By talking about them i bring them here, and I don't want to do that. You understand, Tommo? pg 173
This quote is related to our topic because it shows how Charlie wants to keep his “two lives” separate. How he doesn’t want his bad relationships with Hanley and Whizzbangs to affect his relationships back home with his family. He cares about his family so much that he never wants them to have to know how it is and the easiest way from him to keep a good relationship with his family is to not talk about them will he is in a “hell hole” of a place.

- "Don't you worry, we'll stay together, no matter what. We always have, haven't we?" pg 180
This quote is related to our topic because it shows the bond between two brothers. The boys have always done everything together, went to school together, fished together, worked together, everything they did was always the two of them and the war wasn’t going to change that.
Morpurgo, Michael. Private Peaceful. Broadway, New York: Scholastic Inc. 2003.


"Just a while ago, those men, her acquaintances and neighbours, had been together in the gym with them. Now thay are gone. They left and dissappeared." pg. 22-23

During this part of the book, the men of S.’s village were just shot and killed. This is related to relationships because of war many relationships are ended. Also this also shows the relationship between the civilians of one side and the soldiers of the other. It shows how the soldiers don’t care at all about these people they just know they are of a different religion/race and they do not like them. Many relationships are formed between two races or religions just by birth. For example back in the day the hatred between blacks and whites. Many blacks and whites who hate the other is because they were brought up that way. They were taught to hate each other. It was frowned upon for a black person or white person to even talk.

"When the first of the three men penetrates her, S. feels momentary pain. Later she feels nothing more than a thrust, which pushes the desk ever closer to the window." pg 61

This quote shows the relationship between the women and the men soldiers. This is the first time S. was raped. In the book there was this separte room, where the very pretty women were chosen and put in this room. During the night men would come in and just rape S. and the other girls over and over again. Many relationships like this one is forced. The women have no choice its either get raped or die. There life was more important, even thoguh they were alredy dead inside.

"Every night they breathe the same fear together. Yet each fears only for herself." pg. 77

During war, when people are fighting for their lives. They eat the same food with people, go through the same stuff as everyone else, but when it comes down to it they only care about themselves. The term relationships, the terms frinds, just kinda gets lost. They get along and if it wasnt for the war could of been friends with each other, but they turn on each other any chance they can. They dont care as long as they live everyone else is nothing to them. They dont create relationships with people unless it benefits them. War makes people selfish. This selfishness effects their relationships amoung everyone.

"Yes, the Captain is lonely. He does not talk about it but at least once a week, usually Saturdays, he invites her to keep him company."

During the book, S. starts having dates with the captain. Relationships form in the most unusual time with the most unusual people. S. and the Captain are enemies. They are on two different sides of the war and they start keeping each other company. They form a bond, is the bond a true connection? No its not, S. only does it because it keeps her safe from other men and the Captain does it because he is lonely. He has a wife and a child. But because of the war he is so far away from his family he doesn’t get to see him. He doesn’t get to talk to them that much either. He misses his family and its putting a toll on him. His relationship with S. helps him cope with being so far away from his family.

Drakulic, Slavenka. S. New York, New York: Penguin Book, 1999.

external image soldier-saying-goodbye.jpg
"Paintings i love." Google images. 9 Mar. 2010. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.paintingsilove.com
This image is related to relationships during war because it shows a young boy saying goodbye to his father, who is a soldier leaving for war. As you can see in the photo the boy is upset his dad is leaving and it shows the bond between father and son and how war takes them away from eachother.

external image Two%2520soldiers%2520in%2520amongst%2520the%2520wreckage.jpg
"ifan-meredith.com." Google images. 15 Mar. 2010. <http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&safe=active&gbv=2&tbs=isch%3A1&sa=1&q=two+soldiers&aq=f&aqi=g-m1&aql=&oq=&start=0>
This picture is related to our topic because in shows two soldiers side by side, having each others back, like in the book Private Peaceful, the two main characters Charlie and Tommo. The two boys are away and war together and throughout the time they spend together away from home they never forget the bond they have with one another and it only gets stronger while they are away at war.

May 16, 2003

XX by W.H. Auden

"XX". Poems about war. 9 Mar. 2010. <http://www.caterina.net/paw/>
I think this poem is about a soldier who was killed while away at war. He left behind a family that is finding it very hard to get along without him. This relates to our topic because it shows how war can take people away from us for short peroids of time, long periods of time, and sometimes forever and how this has a mjor impact on our relationships with everyone around us.

Come Up from the Fields Father

by: Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

"Come up from the fields father". Let the cat inspire you. 11 Mar. 2010.

This poem is about a family who has to deal with the pain of losing a son as a result of war. It shows how the mother's relationship with everyone and everything disappears because of her son’s death. The mother’s grieving affects everyone around her. Because the relationship between her and her son is gone she distances herself from her family weakening all there relationships.

Movie: The Hurt Locker
"The Hurt Locker". The Journal. 9 Mar. 2010. http://www.journalpress.com/component/content/article/201-news/1461-the-hurt-locker
-The relationship with James helps Sanborn grow and realize he wants someone to carry on his legacy and starts to contemplate a need to further fulfill his personal life.

-Although James’ portrays a somewhat cavalier attitude we get a glimpse into his own humanity as he befriends a young boy. And it is this relationship that demonstrates the fragility of the unpredictable adrenaline junkie’s psyche.

-Even under the worst of circumstances the soldiers must overcome their differences. Whether through fisticuffs or discussing their personal lives the men form a bond. And the squad takes on a psyche of its own as they carry out their life and death mission.

The Hurt locker is a movie about a bomb squad that is away at war. The men are very different from eachother but by the end form a relationship with one another despite their differences.

external image the-hurt-locker.jpg

Song: Billy Don't Be A Hero By: Bo Donaldson

"His young and lovely fiancee
From where I stood I saw she was cryin'
And through her tears I heard her say
Billy, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life
Billy, don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife"

- This song shows the relationship between Billy and his fiancee, who is telling him to not do anything that he doesn't have to do to survive because she is afraid he won't come back to her.

Song: Mosh By Eminem


"All you can see is a sea of people some white and some black
Don't matter what color, all that matters we gathered together
To celebrate for the same cause don't matter the weather"

-During a war many relationships form. In this song it talks about how black and whites are coming together. For many years there has been tension between these two groups and really there still is some tension. But war is a common factor that brings those two groups together.

-During a war many relationships form. They form between people who never really would of come together. The cause they are fighting for brought them together. People who are different race, different economical backgrounds come together and the cause they are fighting for is like a bond that holds them all together. People leave war with many new friendships even brotherhoods. The people you fight with become your second family.

"Ten million people, Are equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach alqueda through my speech
Let the president answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war"
-This lyric of the song shows the relationship between the people and the president. Here the people feel they are fighting the president’s war. They don’t trust the president and they don’t like the president. They believe that this war it’s pointless.

Crisis throws spotlight on a love-hate relationship
By Quentin Peel in Berlin and Kerin Hope in Athens Published: March 5 2010 02:00 | Last updated: March 5 2010 02:00
"Crisis throws spotlight on a love-hate relationship". Financial Times. 11 Mar. 2010.

This article is related to our topic because it talks about the relationships between different countries during war. How there are good relationships and bad ones between countries.

Dear John


-In this movie John is a U.S. solider. When he is on leave he meets this girl named Savanna and they fall in love. Then he is called into service and their relationship is put to the test. This is related to our topic because so many soldiers go through this all the time. War is the test of how strong a relationship is between people. War will only make or break the relationship. Life is always unexpected you never know what’s going to happen next. In this movie John got called back to duty and while he was on duty the twin tower attack occurred. At that moment everyone he was on duty with extended their duty time. Their relationship with their country was so strong that they felt it was necessary for them to go and extend their duty and fight for their country.
When soldiers get called into duty they leave behind their wife their kids their mom their dad their best friends and they leave. There new family becomes their team. The people they go on duty with. They try to talk to everyone back home but they can’t do it every day all day long. It like the relationships at home kind of just gets put on hold.

Movie: The Patriot

-This clip of The Patriot shows the relationship between many people during war. First it shows the relationship between a father and son in war. Benjamin Martin and his son Gabriele get some time to sit and talk between battles and they talk about his fathers past which he know thinks is catching up with him. Also it shows the relationship between opposing leaders. Benjamin Martin and Lord Cornwallis have a discussion about releasing prisoners that each have taken from the other. Only it is not all true as Benjamin gets the better end of the deal becasue it turns out the prisoners he had taken were fake.

Marine Sniper By: Charles Henderson
-" Hatchcock said nothing to Roberts. It was typical of their relationship. They had never gotten along, and Hatchcock politely endured the staff sergeant while suppressing his often felt frustration with the senior marine."
- This quote from the book shows that even if you don't care for someone during war, you have to put your problems aside and do your job because your life and your partners life depend on it.

-" The best partner he ever had. And as he stood looking toward heaven, tears streamed down his cheecks." "What happend, Burke? What happened?"
- Hatchcock is very upset when he learns that his best partner and friend has died. Their relationship grew with every mission they had together and he is devastated when he hears about his friend.


The realationship between a sniper and his spotter, as shown here, has to be a very close one. They have to know what eachother are thinking at all times. Also they have to be able to be able to communitcate without speaking. For example, in Marine Sniper, Hatchcock and his spotter Burke are constantly stalking the enemy and have to make as little noise as possible so, most of the time they comunicate it is with hand signals or facial expressions.

Letter From Vietnam:
external image Letter-Teacher.png

-This letter represents letters home from soilders to their mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, or whoever they felt like writting to. This also represents the only way a soilder and someone back home have a way of maintaining their relationship with eachother.

Quote: http://www.quotesea.com/quotation/Therearenofriendsinwartim

"There are no friends in wartime:" by: Frank Burns

I believe this statement depends on the person you talk to. A good example of this is the movie The Hurt Locker. In this movie there are three main characters Sanborne, James and Eldridge. I am only going to talk about Sanborne and Eldridge. Sanborne and Eldridge are kind of opposites of each other. Sanborne is a guy that would agree to this quote. This is shown in the beginning of the movie. In the beginning of the movie Sanborne's team is on a mission, during this mission a civilian comes near Sanborne and he starts freaking out on them. He turns his gun towards the civilian and tells them to leave that if they don’t he will shoot them. Sanborne doesn't care about the people in the villages around him. He only cares about his people and himself. This is also shown when a guy in the village comes to them to get help because he has a bomb strapped onto him. He wanted help to get it undone and Sanborne said it was to difficult and said it was too risky. Now on the other hand James who would not agree to this quote tried helping this man he tried getting it off of him but he was unsuccessful. Also, James made friends and talked to the villagers. He made a relationship with this one little boy in the village. He almost had a bond with this little boy like a father would have with his son. When James thought this little boy was dead he just collapsed he freaked out. He has seen death before but this just hit him way to hard. He went and made relationships. The formation of a relationship is based on the person's personality if someone is not willing a relationship cannot be formed. This goes with wartime relationships too.

Soldiers' Angels


This above link is a link to a website called Soldiers' Angels. This is a page where people can go and look for support groups. You know for example the A.A groups. This is related to my topic because you are able to come together with people that are going through the same thing as you are. You are able to talk to other people go out and make friendships with other people sharing this common thing in your life. Having a son daughter wife husband or etc in the war is hard but not having someone understand what you’re going through is even harder.


Schroeder, John Ross. "Jerusalem: Center of Conflict, Center of Peace." The Good News. 15 March 2010.

This article talks about the relationship between the Palestinians and the Jews. These two groups of people have been in a huge fight since anyone can remember. These two people hate each other. They hate each other and they don’t even know each other. They have two different religions. These religions create a conflict between them. They hate each other also because they want the same piece of land. They both want Jerusalem. This fight this relationship reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo’s and Juliet’s family hated each other. So when Romeo and Juliet started dating it was just a huge problem. Everyone hated it. They were on two different sides, but really no one even knew why they hated each other. These two families were just brought up to hate each other. Everyone around them knew this relationship between the two families. Romeo and Juliet and the Palestinians and the Jews, shows the type of a hatred relationship.

Wartime Relationships are connecting or binding passionate attachment during an open hostile conflict involving armed soldiers and weapons. This definition needs to be changed. As above this definition is the general definition. This definition doesn’t include all the pieces of a wartime relationship. A wartime relationship is a bond between forces during a war. These two forces can be between two or more countries. It can be in between soldiers, guards and prisoners of war, the soldiers and the civilians, soldiers and their family or friends. This relationship could be a relationship that is full of love. It could be a brotherhood with someone that’s not your brother. This relationship can be sexual and violent. It could be something you’re born with. It could be the bond between your neighbors. Also it could be the bond between the president and the people or even the country and yourself. With wartime relationships there are no set examples of a wartime relationship because there are so many different types. These types are not always positive but its part of war. War is not a positive thing. It’s hard and cruel.
Wartime relationships is just a general term that covers any relationship that is a reason for war, that has changed because of war, and that is the result of war. This term is used to some up the bond between people because of war, good or bad.