Consequences of War
BY: Kyle, Jenna, Haley, and Mohammed

Definition of war:
War: Armed conflict between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, by land, sea, or air.
Description : Is a fight or conflict between nations.


Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayor:

In the song Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayor he sings about war and how war affects the nations involved. When he says, “
it's hard to beat the system when we're standing at a distance…now if we had the power to bring our neighbors home from war, they would have never missed a Christmas, no more ribbons on their door.” It seems that he is blaming the government for the war and saying that if he had it his way it wouldn’t be this way at all. A consequence of war is blame, pointing fingers becomes a large part of spectators of war.

Stop Children whats that sound? Jefferson airplane
This song is relevant to consenquences of war, because it talks about the battle itself, and how the people fighting in it are people taken through drafts to fight for their country. Then in vietnam(which this sond is about) the child soldiers who were taken away to fight in the war.

O.A.R (Of a revolution) lyrics, with link to jango for audio
link to jango
This is relevant to consenquenses of war, as the man was a soldier. Only when he is going away for war, and saying that he is waiting for the day he comes back, and for the family to remember him as well. He could die, and his family would either mourn or forget him. Or he can live, but his wife may leave him.


The Difference
by Nancy L. Meek

surprise at seeing their bodies...

eyes frozen in terror...staring
at some distant object behind you...
mouths gaping in the widest of yawns...

as if the dead needed sleep!

steals your breath as you stare...
eyes wide with terror...frozen
having so much in common...but not
for you can gasp and scream

and it is you who cannot sleep!
This poem is explaining the psychological consequences of war. The fact that the sights of war are embedded in your memories far after the sight you have seen has passed. These sights start to mess with your sleep cycle since when you sleep gruesome sights are the only sights you see, nightmares.

Not to Keep by Robert Frost
this poem holds relevance because even after the war, families are still hurt from loved ones being dead. sent home mangled and the peace is not with them.

"Almost as long as there has been life, war has been a part of it. Mankind continues to wage war even though the consequences often breed nothing but misery. However, when a person is called to defend his or her country, or protect other defenseless people, it is his duty to fight. There is no question that there is evil in the world and we must not rest on our laurels and say it is none of our business. We cannot stand by and watch while others are being persecuted. It is the duty of mankind to uphold justice."

Source: War Poems - Poems about War;

The paragraph above is a poem? Who is the author?

Description : War is a part of life for the soldiers fighting for there country. Fighting for there people back home to have freedom and have rights.


external image protest.jpg
During war, while there are people that want to fight in the war, there are several who want to end the war. These people in the above photo show that point, by wanting to end the war in Iraq. These people more than likely have family members who are in Iraq, or dead from the war and want to end it for that reason.

external image consequences_of_war_20090918_2097694307.jpg
Description: The above picture shows one of the consequences of war. Where ever battle is taken place there are high possibilities that the area surrounding will be destroyed. In the picture above shows a town post-battle. It is destroyed. War can cause villages and towns to be fully destroyed and people to loose their homes and the town that used to be called home to them doesn’t even look familiar.

Engineers of the 8th N.Y. State Militia, 1861
Engineers of the 8th N.Y. State Militia, 1861

This picture shows our American soldiers all gathered while
at seeing their bodies...eyes frozen in terror...staring at some distant object behind you... mouths gaping in the widest of yawns... Civil war.

Your explanation doesn't make any sense. Eyes frozen in terror or yawning? Which is it? These men also do not look like they are staring at an object behind me. They look like they are just hanging out waiting for the exposure to finish, which took a while back then.

external image Civil-War-Amputee-RUF-Sierra-Leone-West-Africa.jpg
The most obvious consequence of war is death or injury. Data from 2002 said that there have been 50,000 deaths in Sierra Leone where a civil war has been taking place. Also there have been about 20,000 amputations. War is a serious issue that ends with serious consequences.

Book Quotes:
Quotes from A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah:
“This was one of the consequences of the civil war. People stopped trusting each other, and every stranger became an enemy.”(pg.37)

Description: Ishmael says this when he and the group of 5 boys that he was traveling with are judged as they walk through the villages. People had been hearing things about young boys who were being forced by rebels to kill families and burn villages. Any young boy they had seen arrive had made that civilization grow unsteady with fear despite actually knowing or caring what these young boys had been through to get to where they were. This quote represents that a consequence of war is the lost of trust within those you are surrounded with. Especially in a civil war were your own country is your worst enemy.

“It was a typical aspect of being in the war. Things changed rapidly in a matter of seconds and no one had any control over anything” (pg.29)

Description: During a war logical thinking turns into chaos. Things that would usually seem logical and reasonable turn sour due to things changing on the drop of a dime. In the book Ishmael decides to walk back to his house to get money so that he, his friends, and brothers could buy food. He risks his life trying to get back to his house which in the end helped nothing . As they go to the village market the next day they realize that they can’t buy any food due to the fact that sellers didn’t want to sell their food just incase things got worse and some didn’t sell for unexplained reasons. War can’t be logical when it's out of your control.

Quotes from Sunrise over Fallujah, by Walter Dean Myers
p.35 "Were cival affairs- trailing behind them, making friends with anybody they don't kill."
this is relevant because the cival affairs has to deal with the wars problems that were in part caused by American soldiers. the main characters are the ones who run into the main consenquences and they must deal with everyones problems.

p.41, "Check out that line of green on your left" she said.
"What is it?" Jonesey asked.
"Body bags," Marla said."Welcome to Iraq."
This is relevant because it shows that the war has lead to deaths at a rate that the bodies arent being buried. This might also be deaths that are remembered and it would also bring about some hatred to those who killed them.

p.57, "It was a hooror movie,badly out of focus, with only the images in my head crystal clear."
This is relevant, because it shows how the soldiers remember how a death is. The sight of the first person killed in war right by them. Death is a consenquence.

p.73, "If I were killed, she would cry, I knew. It would hurt her so much, and as I stood watching...I knew what Jonesy was saying, that the dying hurt everybody."
This is relevant, because during war people die. But it also can heavily impact a family member or a friend. Even the enemies who killed them feel someting afterwords. Which can influence them as well.

p.94, "This is a war and collateral damage happens. Thats a fact of war and a reflection of war known as the 'fog of war'. Nothing happens perfectly. bullets fly. bombs fall. People stand up at the wrong time."
This is relevant because, if civillians are within range of being shot or hit with a bomb, they can easily be killed. That cannot be prevented if they are close to hostiles and happens usually on accident.

pg.44, "The sight of the deathboy had scared me , as had the walking away from him. I looked over at the small crowd of Iraqis gathered around the body and they were wrapping him in cloth".
Description : Well this is a consequence of war because in war there are deaths and in deaths theyre are ways people are burried do to different religions.

pg 102, "As we rolled toward the city we still hear sporodic gunfire. There were lots of guys around and down the street a tank guard stood on the corner".
Description : War was taking place in this matter meaning anything could of happened at that certain time and place.

pg 160, "I got down on one knee and Jones squatted.I heard the voice in the radio and the infantry guy stood , waiting a second , then hit the door with the tool. Bam ! Nothing Bam ! It broke part away. I imagined whoever wss inside reaching for their AK - 47. Bam! The door broke open and the two infantry guys moved in quickly , one to either side of the room. I was scared shitless as I went through the door and to my left."

Explanation for this quote?

News Articles:
Economic costs of war:

This article tells of how the war in Iraq may be a pointless war as we are spending money on a place that
"By some estimates more than 1m Iraqis now wear a uniform. The government spends almost a fifth of its budget on wages for security people, and benefits from American help. Improvements in training and equipment have led to the fortification of much of the country. Baghdad alone has an estimated 1,500 checkpoints as well as hundreds of miles of cement blast-walls. The city is more militarised than it was under Saddam Hussein." which means we are forcing our presense on them, and fortifying a place that may turn the help we have given them against us. As well as it can impact our economy for the money being spent overseas.

Death Toll:

This article tells the accounts of how many american soldiers died in the war so far. The death is a consenquence itself, but deaths are still happening, and that effects the soldiers families as the children could lose a parent, or aparent may lose a child.


The Hurt Locker clip:

This film shows how war can affect people’s lives. After serving in the war peoples intentions in life shift. A man who once put his family above everything else has now found new priorities. A serious consequence of war is the psychological impact that it leaves behind.
This video shows that we are making changes to peoples life style. While before the where pushed around, and under strict control, they are now free of the taliban who harrassed them. So the war has actually helped the area have less threats against it and less chance more people will die in there due to a mistake.


Tom Hank's, Saving Private Ryan
This movie shows the consenquences of war. Especially early on when it shows D-Day of World War 2. This shows just how destructive war is by the weapons, and the aggressivness towards the opposing forces, and the lack of any mercy between the two sides. Soon after, it shows of the devastation it wrecks on families whoes families has lost several family members. In this movies case, the Ryan family lost two members of the family, the third being MIA (missing in action).

Notes from the editors:

The information on this page can hint on the statement, that war is armed conflict that usualy resulting in death, hardships, and new technology.

The topic (consenquences of war) is effected by the information presented on this page by showing the definition of war through a variety of sources.

In our own words,our groups deffinition of war is; war: the things that happen as a result of heated conflicts.

In summary, the content provided on this page would show that war is an excuse for killing, despair, and inhumanity to be done.