Ethics of War:

How people act or change during a period of war.
Sites: This site goes through things that happened around Pearl Harbor time period. Just like every other quote, article, song/poem, or even speeches made in the White House talk about the ethics of war and how they don't result in anything but death and injuries. The ethics of war are the morale's and principals of war. Mostly describing how being the tougher country is a need, power is like an addicting drug to some rulers of countries.

"To begin with the most obvious evil: large numbers of young men, the most courageous and the most physically fit in their respective nations, are killed, bringing great sorrow to their friends, loss to the community, and gain only to themselves. Many others are maimed for life, some go mad, and others become nervous wrecks, mere useless and helpless derelicts." This site talks about many of the evils of war and why the so called ethics of war are useless. For example this paragraph from the site talks about how many young people die and others become seriously injured and some even lose their minds. This explains the reason why even things like the "ethics of war" should be put aside and thought about as all countries are losing people, friends, family and others in the community.
"Prehaps that happens to people in wartime, words suddenly become superfluos because they can no longer express reality. Reality escapes the words we know,and we simply lack new works to encapsulate this new experience." S. by Slavenka Drakulic

How it relates: Is the character is escaping reality while being kept in the camp and she goes off into her own world to escape the reality that surrounds her.

"In this place death is not something remote or foreign. It is no longer an unexpected visitor,as it is ordinary life." S. by Slavenks Drakulic

How it relates: That death is now apart of her daily life. She has learned to accept that and go on with her daily processes.

"He looked at the graying sky and wished he could be home. "Tours almost over Carlos" he said to himself trying to kill the pang of home sickness." - Marine Sniper: 93 confirmed kills. This line refers to the ethics of war theme by displaying his pain of not being home and knowing he only has a little bit of time left on his tour and knows what his job is and proceeds to continue being a marine.

"Hathcock pioneered using the .50-caliber machine gun as a sniper weapon. The big guns seven hundred-grain bullets offered a stable trajectory for nearly three thousand yards, extending the sniper's range of highly accurate fire well beyond two thousand yards," - The Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills. This short paragraph from the book explains in much detail about the value of the weapon Sgt. Hathcock uses. This relates to the theme of Ethics of War becuase of the paragraph talking about how much better this gun is from the enemies therefore giving Hathcock the advantage on the battlefield.

What does a better gun have to do with the ETHICS of war? Doesn't it just make Hathcock a better killer? This seems to disprove your point.


The movie we watched in class "The Hurt Locker" directed by Kathryn Bigelow also showed things that go along with the topic Ethics of War. Sgt. Jt Sanborn, played by Anthony Mackie, is focused on doing things the correct way helping their chances of survival. His idea was to follow the "ethics of war" and go by the book as some might say. Where on the other hand, Sgt. William James played by Jeremy Renner, doesn't exactly play by the rules.
This film is a perfect representation of the topic ethics of war. This movie takes place during World War 2 with a young boy who moves and then discovers a young Jewish boy in a camp which his father runs. The boy does not know any of this and it leads to him becoming friends with the boy in the striped pajamas. This shows that it takes a small boy to show that maybe we aren't so different. That the "enemy" can also be your friend.

This pictures shows how the ethics of war and principals of war involve guns and killing. Also including in the book "Marine Sniper" when the main character Carlos Hathcock talks about his weapon of choice as well as all of the kills that he has made in very good detail.

I think the picture above is meant to be ironic, or at least pose a question about the ethics of certain weapons. How is a machine gun an ethical weapon? There's a reason that hunters don't use automatic weapons to hunt deer; it's unethical. Could the same point be made for killing humans? Does anyone stand a fighting chance in the face of automated weaponry?

Here is a quote from the book that I think shows how bad the ethics and morals of war are " "War!" Mr. Goldberg said, angry and defeated, his voice trembling: "We go on killing each other to no purpose! It is war waged by humanity against humanity, and it will only end when there's no one left to fight!" I think he is exactly right there will always be war until there is not one person left to fight in war. Pg. 128
Author? Title of book?

external image World-Trade-Center-Attack.jpg
I added this picture of the attack on the World Trade Center because in my book "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" Oskar's dad dies in the terrorist attack and I just think it shows that there are no ethics or morals in a time of war just attacking all those people shows that they had no morals when doing it.


How this photo relates is that in the book it describes the endless torture of those who had been in the camps during the Bosnian War. This
photo is proof of what happened during the Bosnian War and what the survivors experienced each and every day.
How does this relate to your topic? (It may seem obvious, but you should still include your explanation.)


This photo shows what the men who survived had went through while staying at the camps. This shows how the men in charge would starve them until all hope was lost.

This photo shows many different images of the Bosnian War. This shows the devistation and what the people who are fighting/witnessing the war are going through.

This photo shows how they would slaughter those who were in any way Muslim. These individuals might have just walked out of there house and they would have never known that today would have been there last day. These were the soldiers ethics to kill those whose only crime was being Muslim.


This photo shows how war can change a once normal neighborhood into a war zone. It shows how people who once had a normal life is now one of war.

Excellent photograph choices, but make sure to connect your analysis to your topic!


The song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 is a good example of war and the principal or morale of war. That being power and killing involved for example the song talks about the Irish Bloody Sunday where several people were killed for speaking out.

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Here are the lyrics and links to listen to all of these songs. I feel that all of these songs in some way show the ethics of war with there lyrics.
Desaparecidos: The Happiest Place on Earth
In "The Happiest Place on Earth" he says "I got a letter from the army so I think that I'll enlist. I'm not brave or proud of nothing I just want to kill something.
Too bad that nowadays you just point and click swing low satellite, hot white chariot. In the computer's blue glare the bombs burst in the air there was a city once now nothing's there our freedom comes at their expense. It makes sense does it?" I think that this just shows a little bit of the ethics of modern day warfare.

Bob Dylan: Blowin in the Wind
In "Blowin in the Wind" he says lines like "Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?" and other lines like this showing his protest and asking why the leaders let all these people die. Showing that the ethics and morals in war are usually that of having none.
Kevin Devine: Another Bag of BonesIn "Another Bag of Bones" he says It’s an occupied country, foaming at the mouth. It’s a military mother with a boy in hell. It’s a torture camp, it’s a long way down. It’s the constant brace and shock of now
It’s the whole damn world turned inside out, all right. These are just a few of the many lines showing that there are no morals or ethics to war and that as he said war is just "The whole damn world turned inside out".

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Ethics of war can be described as how people act or change during a period or war. The content that is shown explains how the ethics of war is displayed through websites,books,songs and movies. It expresses the pain and hardships of people who had gone through war and there choice of ethics during that period of time. For some it may have been there darkest hour but, they did what they could to survive it.