Leading a Life After War:

A collection of various works connected to stories told by
people whose lives have been touched by war.


This is a picture of a child solider from the Sierra Leone Civil War. This child is the one of many whose been

marine sniper.jpg
marine sniper.jpg

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The sniper is the deadliest tool on the battle filed. They are know as an invisible killer. Snipers go threw intense training to make sure they can make the one shot one kill shot. They are train to stalk the enemy identify variables that could effect the shot and to blend in with there surrounding. They do not take much with them they are taught to live off there surroundings. All this training is to ensure that they survive in the field of battle.

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Survival is the key in living life. You must learn from wrong to right and right from wrong. Many go through life hard but many do well because they have the tools to keep life going. In war survival is the key. Many must go through suffering and pain to survive war time. See how well you survive living by these rules of survival.


  • Here are some stories told by others who have survived the terrors of war.
  • A few bits of poetry told by witnesses of the Sierra Leone Civil War.
  • Various articles that hold different viewpoints about the war.

A BLOG: One man's account about his experiences and survival tactics from war.

The point is of this Wiki is not to simply amass all the information you can find on a topic, but to analyze and interpret it yourself. I'd like to see you take apart the stories, poetry, articles and personal account to get at what is being said. Your analysis of the topic is more important than your source material.

My two personal favorite quotes in regards to survival- they really sum up in a nutshell
what surviving in these types of situations is all about. Saying goodbye to your moral
standards and trying to keep yourself sane by escaping with your own thoughts and
memories of your life pre-war.
"I felt guilty for a few minutes, but in our position, there was no time for remorse." - p. 31
"Perhaps it was necessary for him to cling to false hopes, since they kept him running away from harm." -p. 13

Which book? Who is the author? Also, your explanation should fill in the context a bit. These quotes are too vague to stand on their own.

From my book:
In the book "How I Live Now" by Meg Rosoff was a great book about Survival. The girl who is the main character, Daisy, goes to England to meet her cousins and aunt. She goes there to meet them and falls in love with her cousin. It’s a very weird situation but that is besides the fact, they all stay in the house together. Her aunt who is the cousin’s mother works out of town a lot. So when she got their the next day she left them for a week. While there was no parents to run the house all the kid/teenagers pretty much made sure the house was in tip top shape. After a month or so they find out that there’s a war going on. And out of no where a man comes with an army and takes over their house and makes Daisy and her cousin Piper go to some house far away from their home. There they have to go through working pretty much the whole day. Piper and Daisy soon become agitated because they have no idea where their other cousins are. They ask the man of the house who’s name is Major McEvoy where they are. He tells them and Daisy tries everyday to think of a plan to escape. When they finally do they have to go a very long distance going through withdraw of water and food and clean clothes. Piper soon becomes depressed and pretty much leaves daisy with all the thinking. This book is a great example of survival. Daisy and Piper have to find a way to get to their cousins Edmond, Isaac, and Osbert. They have to fight to find food and a place to stay. Also had to figure out if they are going to right way and which way they have to go.

Quotes that support what you say above?

"Hathcock never wanted to kill men, much less children."
Marine Sniper 93 confirmed kills. by Charles Henderson. This quote is relitive to survival. In order to for Hathcock to stay alive he is forced to kill many people. Many of these people include children, He is forced to kill children because the vitet cong have children fight there wars and if he does not kill them they will kill him.

Poem of War
Is all that people talk about.

War! War! War!
Is all that people think about.

War! War! War!
Is all that we hear about.

War! War! War!
Nobody cares for what it does.

War! War! War!
Nobody listens to warnings.

War! War! War!
Nobody hears the cries of death.

War! War! War!
It destroys lives, hopes, and dreams for peace.

War! War! War!
O how I hate it.

War! War! War!
It goes on for generations, forever, never ending.

War! War! War!
I hate it so!
When soliders come home they have to learn to survive not hearing bombs or guns but the peacefull sound of freedom and get use to being with his family or alone. Some soliders suffer because they see horrific and tragic. Most lose their minds and go insane. Even though people grow older and many still join the army many have to survive what goes on in the time of war.


__how to survive a war__
In this story it explains that the most important tool for you to take to war is knowledge. If these soldiers in Vietnam did not have the training to stay calm and safe they probably would have been killed. In a snipers case if he is not trained properly he would miss shots and even worse be captured. If snipers are captured they receive the worst torture because the enemy knows a sniper is the deadliest solider.

High Hopes
Besides having good training another key factor in surviving on the battle filed is to always have a good attitude. In this story no matter how many nights they stayed in their foxholes with their rifles shooting threw out the night, they always laughed about how they were pissing off the Viet Cong, and how they could not get passed 12 guys. If u have bad spirits u probly won’t last long in war cause you’re thinking bout dieing and not staying calm.

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If one is having a difficult time in war and feeling like they cant survive, they can think about the memories of there life back home, or someone that they want to get home too. This can take their mind off war and maybe keep them from going crazy. It is very easy to go crazy when you’re in war because all u see is guys with no smiles, blood, and hatred, not to mention all of the thing u do just to survive.

Many soldiers have to go through a lot to survive the war. They need to go through sleeping in not so nice cots and eatting not so good food and go through horrid events. The soldiers have to go through very bad events. They all need one another to get through many events such as bombing, losing their partner, a shooting and/or missing the events at home. Their family is another thing that can make a soldier lose focus on what they need to do. They do a lot in surviving a war and many can go home and sometimes not go through it.​


I think this song explains how people at home survive without there love one who is fighting in the war/military. They must be strong and must go through life worried and afraid of what might happen to them. If there love ones have siblings then its even harder for their parents not to worry how they are going to react and feel about war. Many have to go on with there life and some may do okay but many may struggle with the fact their love one might be gone.

Interesting material. Unfortunately, loosely organized.

Where is your final summary and analysis of this topic? How does your definition of survival during wartime change when you take into account the different points of view shown through each of your books as well as the perspectives demonstrated through everything else you have added to this page?