Wartime Relationships:
The relationship the people and soliders within one another during a time of war.
It also shows how people react to war and people involved.

What does wartime relationships mean?
Wartime: a time period in which a war is being fought.

- A connection, association, or involvement.
- Connection between persons by blood or marriage.
- An emotional or other connection between people
- A sexual involvement; affair.

- The state of being related or interrelated

So, during a time of war there are many relationships being built, broken, destroyed or carried throughout many years. Relationships during a period or time of war don’t always have to be within a war, it can be a relationship held outside of the war, or between people not in a war. These relationships don’t have to be boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife, most relationships that soldiers build are friendships. Fighting in a war can be harder for that not in war, because they build up great relationships and then in a moment before they know it, that friend that had a moment ago, is gone.

Relating to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the biggest relationship that is within the book is between Oskar and his father. Before September 11th Oskar and his father were close, and not away from each others side. After 9/11 Oskar had no one to turn to because of the relationship he had. Now fighting through the struggles, he builds up new relationships within his own family, and the community around him to find out more information on his father.

Wartime relationships relating to music:

John Meyer's " Waiting on the world to change" is a powerful and inspirational song that talks about those who are off fighting in the war. People are away from their families and some may never come home. The writer of the song has a line that mentions " bringing our neighbors home for war" those "neighbors" are our fellow citizens. The joy that comes with having someone you love return from war has to be an undescribeable feeling.

American Soldier – Toby Keith
“I'm just trying to be a father,
Raise a daughter and a son,
Be a lover to their mother,
Everything to everyone.”

This song American Soldier, by Toby Keith is a great song to listen to when you’re thinking about wartime relationships. In the beginning of the song as shown above it’s the father talking about him trying to raise a family, and be all he can be, but being in the war, its hard for him to keep up with himself and his family. This shows that wartime relationships is a big deal, and that many people lose family, and friends, fighting for something they truly believe in.

Send me on my way – Rusted Root

“I would like to reach out my hand
I may see you, I may tell you to run
You know what they say about the young
Well pick me up with golden hands
Oh may see you, Oh may tell you to run”

These lyrics don’t actually go along with war, but reading the lyrics, it does show that no matter what there will be someone there to help you and be with you along the way. So during a war, there will always be people, friends or family, fallowing you, and protecting you along your journey. You will never be alone where ever you are.

For example in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oskar lost his father in 9/11, so his mother is always there by his side looking out for him guiding his future. He also looks up to his grandmother because his grandmother lost her husband, so she knows what he’s going through. Throughout the book, it shows his grandmother will do anything for him, and she makes sure he is okay, periodically through time.

The Song "The Last Stop" by the Dave Matthews Band, represents how people feel as if the only way to gain peace is by war. "War, the only way to peace, well I don't fall for that." is a line that shows how Dave feels that theres more then one way to get a better relationship with anybody rather then fighting a war.

"How is war the only way to peace?
Well I don't fall for that
Raining tears
And you're righteous, so righteous
You're always so right
Go ahead and dream
Go ahead believe that you are the chosen ones
Rain tears"


"Love And War"
"Promise that you always will
Keep candles lit on the windowsill
You know I'll be comin' home

You know I never wanted to go away
But what am I supposed to say
When I hear the sounds of the trumpet call
Who says

All is fair in love and war

Your pictures kept close to my heart
Letters all but fall apart
Each night I read them over again

You know I never wanted to go away
But what am I supposed to say
When I hear the sounds of the trumpet call
Who says

You know I never wanted to go away
I swear
Its war"

This is a song by Drowning Pool called Love and War. I can see that in the lyrics he is talking about how he misses someone and can't stop thinking about them. He didn't want to go but didn't have a choice.

Love and War - Drowning Pool

In the song Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel, it talks about people going through war, and what happened to them and everyone around them. It shows how they fight for their life no matter what. A certain part of the songs says “Remember Charlie, remember Baker They left their childhood on every acre, and who was wrong? And who was right, it didn't matter in the thick of the fight”. This shows how everyone lost the relationships with their friends in the war, and they couldn’t help it no matter how thick the war and fighting was. They starting fighting in the war as friends and had strong bonds with each other, and now after the war all they have is the memories of each other. This shows that wartime relationships aren’t always good, or on the happy side, the relationships they build get destroyed within an instant

Pictures that represent Wartime Relationships:

Many families are devastated when they loose loved ones, in the picture below from google.com there are caskets lined up of those who have died in the war. Each body is one family who is ruined now. Below we see soldiers laying the flag of the country that the men and women who are laying in those caskets dead, died for. In each casket lays, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, brother, sister, you name it. This doesn't have to happen, but yet it does. Families who have lost loved ones should have the pride of knowing that the person they loved, died doing a good thing, protecting the country we call home.

external image casket08.jpg

In Marine Sniper By Charles Henderson there is a paragraph about Carlos who is concerned about worrying his wife. "Hathcock looked at the letter that he had written to Jo apologizing for not telling her that he was actually a working sniper, not just an instructor. The idea of her reading about it in the newspaper continued to rouse his anger. " I would have told her," he thought. " The media dosen't help families out either, there are alot of stories that don't have one hundred percent truth value to them or some stories just aren't told. Having your family or friends read about you in the paper isn't always the best thing and can cause more stress.

external image praying-soldiers1.jpg
Explanation and analysis of this image?

"Th Hurt Locker" directed by Kathyrn Bigelow applies to wartime relationships well. In the movie a group of soldiers are bonded together due to their daily job of fighting in the war. They grow close together and care for each other. The protection of one another was greatly demonstrated by Sargent Sanbourn. Sanbourn was a specialist but he would mainly look out and make sure eveyone and everything was ok, he always would watch the surroundings when Srgt. James was dissasembling bombs. The two had their differences but in the end they were there for eachother.


This picture shows how much of a relationship these two guys had. During war this younger boys got seriously injured, and you can tell the older guy is about to cry. The picture shows how much of a relationship the two guys had. The older guy is looking for help, and is trying to save the younger guy from dying. The picture is a basic representation of how everyone has a type of bond/relationship with someone else, and when it’s about to be broken you will do anything for each other to save them. Wartime relationships are harder to handle because of the dangers that come around it.

Image source? Also, does the picture caption describe if these two people knew each other before this moment? The emotion is there regardless.

The Patriot is about a man who fought in the war previous to the American Revolution and trys to convince his oldest son not to enlist. WHen his family gets hurt by the British army he begins to hurt as a father and fights souly on revenge. He had a very strong relationship with his family and then fights for his country.
external image 66052_152455_3.jpg

external image holocaust.jpg

I found this picture when searching online. This was taking durring the holocaust and it is of a mother holding on to her daughter while a german solider is about to kill them. This shows that even to the very end family means everything. The last thing that the mother and little girl is each other.

Image source?


Death Of A Hero
By: Anonymous

Your daddy died a hero they tell him, your daddy died so brave
But all that little boy understands is his daddy's name on a grave

Your husband died a hero they tell her, he died so we could live free
But all i really wants, she says, is my husband here with me

Your son died a hero they tell them, he died so this war could be won
But the parents dont really care about war, all they want back is their son

Your friend died a hero, they tell them, he died so this violence will finally end
But war isnt the answer they say, and now weve lost another friend

You died a hero, they tell him, you died so others could live without strife
But he doesnt care about others, all he wants back is his life.

This poem talks about a father, a husband, a son, and a friend all dying in a war. Every one of these people, who died, died a hero. The father, husband, son and friend all had a certain relationship with some significant other. The relationships that were built, were all torn apart because of the war, he was involved in. This shows a relationship that everyone would have with another person; either a loving relationship or just a friendship can be broken, and torn apart.