Welcome to the West Senior War Unit Wiki!

Each one of you is reading a book about war, and our focus of the unit is a consideration of how war is represented and how choices made during representation affect meaning.

Use the menu on the left to find your block and your topic. Start editing that page, adding content to the page, and adding to the discussion on that page. When you add something that is not original thought, be sure to comment on the connection to your topic and cite the original source. Content to consider:


  • Song lyrics (link to them!)
  • Videos (embed them if possible)
    • Do some smart searching on YouTube, but also consider Google. Some independent films are not published on YouTube.
    • Consider discussing clips from war films (imdb.com) (i.e. The Patriot, 300, The Hurt Locker, Gettysburg, Troy, Bridge, etc.) /TV series (i.e. M*A*S*H, Band of Brothers, etc.).
      • Note: You can access trailers of films on imdb.com.
  • Articles from the news about your topic (search Google News and library databases) - Link to them!
  • Web sites (do some smart Googling; think about keywords to use in an advanced search)
  • Poems (link to them!)
  • Quotes from books
  • Short stories about war
  • Pictures from Google Images, Photobucket, and Flickr
    • Be sure to include a link to the original!
    Video Games
    • Don't discount screen shots from video games or the discussion of their connection to your topic. Some very interesting things happen in these realms.